This is Macaroni Mojo.  We like to cook, socialize, entertain and share recipes for all kinds of things from meals to desserts to drinks.  The kids don’t participate beyond stirring, cracking eggs and generally making a mess.  They’re just here to look cute and be our guinea pigs.  Two don’t like meat and two don’t like anything green and three don’t like anything spicy.  At least we have a pool of kids to choose from.  The men in the photo also cook, just not as much as us ladies.  One of them won’t post because he’s never used the internet.  We are sisters united around a mom who somehow ended up with three girls who knew their way around a kitchen.  We are not chefs.  We are foodies.  We are moms.  We like to cook with wine.  And we like to eat.  We don’t make meals that you’ll find in a restaurant (for the most part).  Our kitchens are not stacked full of obscure ingredients. I hope you like our collection.  It will be updated regularly.

A lot of what we do is made up or passed down, or influenced by a recipe that it no longer resembles.  Any unoriginal favorites that we post we will source.  If no source exists, assume the recipe was conjured up by the writer.

Welcome to Macaroni Mojo.  Thank you for stopping by.  Cheers!


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